The startup that Alex Eberts and I are working on, Project Ojibwe is looking to hire a talented Python wrangler. Our preferred team member will have experience with Python web frameworks (preferably Django) and experience with database, web services and web application architecture.

I’ve always wondered why if all markets are conversations, that the job market where we hire the people to make our products begins with a process that is as impersonal as asking someone to drop their pants.

So we are going to start an experiment in conversational recruiting.

If you think you can add something special to our team, and are interesting in learning how we are building a fun, kick ass product that will help change the world then please start a conversation with us.

While we want to see your CV we are more interested in who you are through your work and in your own words.

Introduce yourself to us, show us your work, send us a screencast, or a video of you telling us why you want to be part of what promises to be an incredibly rewarding adventure with our team. Show us your online blog, open source contributions, Flickr fetish or the communities you contribute too.



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